Which pomodoro app is the best?

Which Pomodoro app is the best?

Below is the list of the best Pomodoro apps that increase productivity


Forest is one of the most unique Pomodoro apps on our list. The idea is that every task is represented in the app by a tree and as you work on your task, your tree grows. But if you abandon your task, your tree dies. So the goal is to grow a forest by constantly adding tasks and completing them.


Minimalist is a Pomodoro timer app for people who like a sleek, modern look. Whereas most Pomodoro apps on our list are some kind of red — Pomodoro is Italian for tomato — the Minimalist is all black and white.

When you open the app, you’re taken to a blank white screen. From there, you can swipe down to add new tasks. You can assign due dates to each task and also give the task a priority, from low to high.

High-priority tasks are raised up to the top of your screen. Then you can click on the task and Minimalist takes you to another mostly white screen with a thin black circle that works as your Pomodoro timer.


FocusList is a daily planner and focuses app that works with all iOS products (including Mac computers).

The app comes with a few more features than most basic Pomodoro apps. For example, you can open up stats to see a calendar view of your past activities. This lets you track how often you were on task during workdays and whether any day of the week was particularly productive (or unproductive)


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